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Mason Jar Ideas; Succulent Plant Holder

Mason Jar Ideas; Chalk Painted Plant Holder Tutorial

We can think of a lot of creative uses for mason jar ideas. I thought they would make cute planters. Succulents are popular right now, and they can be cared for easily.


I don’t have a green thumb and my goal is to keep a plant alive through the summer that’s why I’m planting succulents. They are hardy and don’t involve much care, but we will see.

Materials Needed

I always keep items stocked up. Shop ahead I’ve linked all materials where they can be found at Amazon. (My blog contains affiliate links)

Step One

I’m a chalk paint freak, but you can use the paint of your choice. It is summer so use light colors. It is time to brighten your place up. Paint the outside of your jars and let them dry. You can paint the inside of your jars; this will give them a porcelain look. I love having several of these foam brushes on hand. They are inexpensive so if you want to wash them great but if you throw them out no worries either.

mason jar ideas

Once they are dry distress them with sandpaper. Sand the corners and letters. Finish with wax.

mason jar ideas


Tie jute rope around the neck.


You can put artificial flowers in them, candles, the possibilities are endless.

Step Two

Since there are no holes in our jars, we will need to put some rocks at the bottom to help with drainage. Fill the jars the rest of the way with potting soil mixed with sand, or you can use cactus soil. Succulents need particular soil because they don’t like wet roots. Adding the sand will make the soil porous. Here is some already mixed up that I found on Amazon.

Step Three

Plant the succulents and water them. Don’t forget to water the succulents once a week.

Ta-da! Now you have super cute succulent mason jars. I put green burlap around the top to hide the dirt.



Chalk Paint Mason Jars

I thought Magnolias looked cute in them.



Another idea: for my son’s graduation, we used them as a centerpiece on all of the tables at his open house. We used painters tape to tape what wasn’t going to be spray painted then painted the exposed area with gold glitter paint.

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