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How to Make a Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine Wreath DIY

My mom had me make this for her mother-n-law for Mother’s Day. I love these wreaths. I made the grapevine wreath a little different by spray painting the grapevine wreath with chalk paint. The magnolias gave it a farmhouse touch.


  • Grapevine wreath
  • Burlap
  • Flowers
  • Jute Rope 
  • Hot glue gun – Floral adhesive 
  • Chalk spray paint – I used Rust-Oleum in the Chiffon Cream
  • Wire cutter

I found a lot of these wreath making supplies at Amazon. Or you can try Dollar Tree.

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Spray Paint

I spray painted the wreath on both sides. Of course, paint one side, wait for it to dry then paint the other side. 🕒

Before and After


I wrapped burlap ribbon around the wreath then tied a generic knot.


I tied jute rope in sections around sections of the wrapped burlap, see below.


First clip your bouquet and leaves using a wire cutter.

Arrange your flowers and leaves how you like them. Just poke the stems in the grapevine. Sometimes I hang the wreath on the wall to get a feel for what it’ll look like.

Then pull them out and hot glue the tips and poke them back in. I did hear that if you are hanging them outside it is best to use flower glue.

Fluff your bouquet moving leaves behind the flowers and adjust the burlap until you get the desired look.

Ta-da now you have a beautiful wreath.

grapevine wreath DIY

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