Crochet Hat Care

Washing and drying instructions, if necessary.

Hats with labels and poms should be hand washed and laid flat to dry.

You can machine wash hats without poms or labels but lay flat to dry.

Yarn poms; I have never had a yarn pom pull apart, some of my customers have ordered them for young children. If a yarn pom is pulled apart let me know, I can make another one for you. Depending on the situation, I charge $5 per pom.

On newer versions of my hats, poms are tied in with 3 to 4 knots and finished with a small bow on the inside. These can be easily removed and tied back in for washing. Some of my fur poms are connected with buttons or snaps.

All ends are finished off with a slip knot and weaved in 3 times. If an end comes out of the weave it would be safe to clip it or weave it back in. I will update this page with pictures on this procedure or you can contact me and I will do it free of charge.

If a label needs to be removed please contact me for removal, thank you.

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