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Chalk Paint; How-Tos and Ideas

DIY Chalk Paint Ideas

Let’s talk chalk paint ideas. I have listed several ideas and ways you can update any look with chalk paint.

I like to renew the look of old items around the house. You can pretty much paint anything. I have been playing around with chalk paint. I have to say I’m digging the look. Here are a few things I have painted with chalk paint around my house.

My Chalk-Paint Updates


This old wooden desk has been sitting in one of our living rooms for years. I painted it white many years ago. I planned to strip the old paint and reclaim it to sell. Now I love it, so it’s not for sale. Read more here: How an old desk went from shabby to shabby chic

Chalk Paint Candlestick

These are crystal candlesticks that didn’t match my decor. A little chalk paint gave them a rustic look I was looking for. I also made the decor ball, learn how I made it here: EZPZ DIY decor balls

Chalk Paint Tin

This was a black bucket that I had up against a dark wall. I felt I needed to brighten that area up a little. Use sandpaper to make blemishes to give it character.


Brighten up brown baskets. Looks a little like white driftwood. I also made the xoxo sign, love it.

Chalk Paint Mason Jars


So many things can be done to bring character to canning jars.

Click here for more.

I like to make things or make things better. I keep a blog to journal my creations and share with you how you can do it yourself.


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